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Beame is a small, fully mobile recovery device that fits easily into a vehicle or any other moveable assets, including motorbikes, quadbikes, trailers, caravans and bicycles, ensuring that they can be easily recovered if stolen. What makes Beame even more awesome, is that it is almost impossible to locate once installed, making it difficult for criminals to remove. Beame customers enjoy convenience and simplicity in its truest form, from quick installations, to the Beame Smartphone App that enables subscribers to check the status of their unit’s battery, report a stolen vehicle or asset – and so much more.

Smaller, simpler and totally affordable

Beame offers a whole new way to keep your vehicles safe
In its pioneering launch of a wireless recovery unit, Beame has revolutionised the tracking industry and today boasts one of the best recovery rates in the industry. This nifty, wireless recovery device is small enough to be fitted effortlessly to any vehicle with a number plate. From motorbikes, quad bikes and trailers to caravans and any mobile asset in between. With its nationwide recovery network Beame ensures that there’s nowhere in SA Beame won’t go to recover your vehicle.

Beame | Beame Tracking | NTS Tracking | Vehicle Tracking
Added Value with BEAME PROTECT
Beame | Beame Tracking | NTS Tracking | Vehicle Tracking | Beame Protect

Beame Protect offers you the Roadside Assist service, which includes full roadside assistance in case you have a flat battery, run out of fuel, lock your keys in the car, get a flat tyre or have a vehicle breakdown. Call the 24-hour Contact Centre and request assistance for any of the following incidents:

Flat Battery, Keys locked in Vehicle, Flat Tyre, Run out of Fuel, Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown, Representation and more. 

How it works: (Terms and Conditions apply)

Flat Battery: Assistance will be arranged to have the vehicle jump-started. Vehicles under warranty will be towed to the nearest approved franchise dealer. This service is offered whether the vehicle breaks down at home or on the road.

Keys locked in Vehicle: A locksmith will be arranged to open the vehicle and retrieve the car keys. If the locksmith cannot resolve the problem at the scene, additional costs of towing or repairs are not covered.

Flat Tyre: Assistance will be provided to have the tyre changed and replaced with the spare tyre. In the event that there is no spare tyre, a tow truck can be arranged for the member’s account. This service is offered whether the vehicle breaks down at home or on the road.

Run out of Fuel: Up to 5 litres of fuel will be delivered to the member’s location, limited to 2 incidents per annum. Additional fuel can be arranged for the member’s cost.

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown: The service provider will tow the vehicle to the nearest approved franchise dealer (if under warranty) or to the nearest approved repairer within 40 km’s roundtrip. This service is offered whether the vehicle breaks down at home or on the road.

Representation: Advice on claiming for any costs incurred from your insurance through our expert Administrative Team.

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  • Mobile app
  • Approved by all major South African insurance companies